about us

Manufacturer of Sticky Notes in Malaysia

We are a manufacturer and supplier of sticky notes in Malaysia (PROUDLY MADE IN MALAYSIA). We supply all sorts of customized sticky notepads, memo cubes and restick post pads from hard cover to soft cover, to fully custom printed logo sticky notes.

Sticky note manufacturing process is a long process as seen on the picture shown above. Firstly, the large sheet of paper has to be printed with your required custom image, and the sent to the gluing process with the gluing machine (pictured below). After gluing, the paper sheets has to be stacked and the pressed with a hydraulic press. Once ready, it will be cut into small square or rectangular shaped sticky notes.

If further designs are required, such as die cut shaped resticknotes or slanted post it notes, we will have to further process it further. We currently do not offer slanted stick notes.